Amphibian biology, volume three: sensory perception.

Amphibian biology, volume three: sensory perception. Harold Heatwole, Ellen M. Dawley.

Chipping Norton: Surrey Beatty, 1998. Quarto, dustwrapper, illustrations.

WAS $100. Reviews the sensory perception of amphibians, how they smell, taste, see, detect water movements, and sense pain, temperature and pressure. Several less familiar senses are also discussed, such as the ability of amphibians to detect magnetic and electric fields. Other volumes in the series are available - volume one: the integument [stock id 4018], volume two: social behaviour [8910], volume four: palaeontology [11645], volume five: osteology [17765], volume six: endocrinology [21590], volume seven: systematics [26059], volume eight: amphibian decline [30357], volume nine part one [31799], volume nine part two [33481, volume nine part three [35933], volume ten [33482] and volume eleven [33483]. Further volumes are planned to cover such topics as embryology, endocrinology, biomechanics, ecology, populations, life histories, digestion, circulation, anatomy, cell biology and biogeography.

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