Amphibian biology, volume six: endocrinology.

Stock ID 21590 Amphibian biology, volume six: endocrinology. Harold Heatwole.
Amphibian biology, volume six: endocrinology.

Surrey Beatty, 2005. Quarto, dustwrapper, photographs, text illustrations.

WAS $140. The sixth volume in this ongoing series deals with endocrinology. The first chapter provides the morphological background for the rest of the book by describing the anatomy of the amphibian endocrine system. The following chapters treat the various endocrine systems in terms of their function and development as related to particular aspects of amphibian life. Three chapters deal with different aspects of reproduction, including reproductive cycles, breeding behaviour, and the development of secondary sexual characters. Two chapters have a strong developmental emphasis, with treating the role of hormones in metamorphosis and dealing with hormonal regulation of growth. Three chapters deal with hormonal regulation of various day-to-day physiological processes such as metabolism, osmoregulation and colour change. The book closes with an account of the role of hormones in the immune system of amphibians.
Previous volumes are still available - Other volumes in the series are available - volume one: the integument [stock id 4018], volume two: social behaviour [8910], volume three: sensory perception [10213], volume four: palaeontology [11645], volume five: osteology [17765], volume seven: systematics [26059], volume eight: amphibian decline [30357], volume nine part one [31799], volume nine part two [33481, volume nine part three [35933], volume ten [33482] and volume eleven [33483]. Further volumes are planned to cover such topics as embryology, endocrinology, biomechanics, ecology, populations, life histories, digestion, circulation, anatomy, cell biology and biogeography.

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