Freshwater mollusks of the world: a distribution atlas.Freshwater mollusks of the world: a distribution atlas.

Charles Lydeard and  Kevin S.Cummings.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 2019.  Octavo, laminated boards, 242 pp., text illustrations.

There are more species of freshwater mollusks'well over 5,000'than all the mammal species of the world. Mollusks are also arguably the most endangered freshwater fauna on the planet. Yet few references exist for researchers, shell enthusiasts, and general readers who are interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures. In Freshwater Mollusks of the World, Charles Lydeard and Kevin S. Cummings fill that void with contributions from dozens of renowned mollusk experts.

The only comprehensive summary of systematic and biodiversity information on freshwater mollusk families throughout the world, this reference is a must for malacologists, limnologists, ichthyologists, stream ecologists, biogeographers, and conservation biologists.