Lizards of the world: a guide to every family.Lizards of the world: a guide to every family

Mark O'Shea

Ivy Press, London: 2023. 

Octavo, laminated boards, 240 pp., colour photographs, maps, text illustrations.

From chameleons and skinks to geckos and iguanas, this book reveals the extraordinary diversity of lizards. Found in almost every type of habitat globally, there are almost 6,500 species of lizard, including lizards with frills, horns or wings, those that drop their tails, and others that squirt blood from their eyes. Here, the lizard family and subfamily profiles, organized phylogenetically, are illustrated with stunning photography.

Each profile includes a population distribution map, a table of essential information and a fascinating commentary revealing notable characteristics, fresh scientific understanding and the diversity of species. Written by world-renowned herpetologist Mark O'Shea, this book is a magnificent showcase of the natural history and beauty of these remarkable reptiles.