Birds of ArabiaBirds of Arabia

Meinertzhagen, R.

19 colour plates by G. E. Lodge, D. M. Reid-Henry and Miss Talbot Henry, other illustrations, folded map in back cover pocket, fine copy in dustwrapper.

Tall, handsome and charming Col. Richard Meinertzhagen (1878-1967) was an acclaimed British war hero, a secret agent, and a dean of international ornithology. His exploits have inspired three biographies, movies have been based on his life, and a square in Jerusalem is dedicated to his memory.

However, history has shown that Richard Meinertzhagen is undoubtedly the bad man of twentieth century ornithology; he committed ornithological fraud on a grand scale, completely lied about his military exploits and may even have murdered his first wife.

He was however, a man of considerable means and consequently all of his books are handsome productions with Birds of Arabia arguably the best.