Scarlet robins.Scarlet Robins 

Mixed water-based media on Saunder’s rag, image size 1107 by 808 mm, framed size 1260 by 970 mm, framed by Jarman’s in water gilded solid frames and glazed with True Vue AR glass.

THE ARTIST: Jeff Davies (born 1957) is arguably Australia's finest ever bird field guide illustrator, with an international reputation, and has worked as a full time artist from 1987. He was awarded an Order of Australia in 2019.

ARTIST NOTES: "My most recent works are larger scale. They reflect a desire to show more of the habitat of the subject species, and allow a greater variety of elements for a more complex composition. I want people looking at my work to recognize familiar scenes, reminiscent of their own observations of wild birds. With the increase in size of my work I have been tempted to switch media to Oil paint, but I am now very comfortable with a combination of Watercolour, Gouache and acrylic on Rag paper. It's somewhat unconventional but it works for me and I am still discovering new ways of getting the most out of this unorthodox combination."