Earth is my witness: the photography of Art Wolfe.

Earth is my witness: the photography of Art Wolfe. Art Wolfe.
Earth is my witness: the photography of Art Wolfe.

San Rafael: Earth Aware Editions, 2014. Quarto, colour photographs, dustwrapper.

The most extensive collection of Art Wolfe photography ever compiled. This lavishly produced work spans the globe, bringing the beauty of the planet's fast-disappearing landscapes, wildlife, and cultures into stunning focus. Containing unpublished work from throughout Wolfe's well-documented and widely celebrated career,this book offers a riveting and comprehensive look at the world's ecosystems and geographical regions. Here, Wolfe presents an encyclopedic selection of his photography along with intimate stories that exemplify his boundless curiosity. From rich sights and smells of the Pushkar Camel Fair to the exact moment when a polar bear and her cubs leave their Arctic den, these images represents what Wolfe has lived for: moments when circumstance, light, and subject miraculously collide to form an iconic image. Together, these photographs and the stories behind them explore the delicate interconnectivity of life across our planet. Setting the stage for this fascinating journey is award-winning author Wade Davis. Together, they present a world that borders on the fantastic but is all the more precious for its fragility.

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