Stock ID 37200 Goat. Joy Hinson.

London: Reaktion Books, 2015. Octavo, paperback, photographs, illustrations.

Reaktion Animal Series. Found in nearly every part of the world where humans live, our relationship with this familiar animal is oddly ambivalent. Here, Joy Hinson explores the reasons behind this unease, from our interaction with the endangered wild goat species of remote mountainous regions to the more familiar farmyard goat. This book traces the history of the animal, moving from their evolution through their domestication and global spread to the role of goats in the modern world. It considers in particular the harm done by the indiscriminate importing of tamed goats, which formed huge feral populations on the Galapagos Islands and Australia. It considers the place of goat products in both the culinary and medical traditions of the world.
Across the globe goats are part of our culture, art and tradition: from goat festivals in the U.S. to the Christmas Goat in Sweden. An exciting new addition to Reaktion's Animal series, Goat presents readers with this frequently neglected animal's fascinating history, life and role in today's world.

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