Fauna of New Zealand Number 70: Periegopidae (Arachnida: Araneae).

Stock ID 35591 Fauna of New Zealand Number 70: Periegopidae (Arachnida: Araneae). C. J. Vink, Nadine, Duperre, J. Malumbres-Olarte.
Fauna of New Zealand Number 70: Periegopidae (Arachnida: Araneae).

Lincoln: Manaaki Whenua Press, 2013. Octavo, paperback, line drawings, colour photographs.

There are only three species known in the family Periegopidae and all are in one genus, Periegops. These rare spiders have only ever been found in relict forests at limited locations in New Zealand (Banks Peninsula, Riccarton Bush, the Aldermen Islands, and East Cape) and in Queensland, Australia. Periegopids are only found in forest with a deep leaf litter layer and well-drained soil. They do not build a web, but hunt on the forest floor. Periegopids can be most readily distinguished from other spiders found in New Zealand by having six eyes arranged in three widely spaced diads. Two species of Periegopidae, both in the genus Periegops Simon 1893, are found in New Zealand; P. suterii (Urquhart, 1892) and a newly described species. In this new Fauna of New Zealand contribution the genus and both species are described or redescribed, with information on synonymy, type data, material examined, and geographical distribution. Habitus images of adults, illustrations of important morphological features, and distribution maps are provided, and a key is given. A molecular phylogenetic analysis examining the relationships between eight specimens of P. suterii and three specimens of the new species using COI data is presented.

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