A guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

A guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago. Richard Ffrench.
A guide to the birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

Cornell: Cornell University Press, (2012. third edition), Octavo, paperback, colour illustrations, map.

This new edition incorporates five decades of his notes and records of the island's birds to present in a handy and readable form detailed and comprehensive information about the birds of Trinidad and Tobago. Showcasing 40 all-new colour plates the third edition now includes illustrations of not only the islands' endemic and resident species, but also the many migratory species that visit the islands from both the north and the south. The taxonomic arrangement and treatment of families and species has also been brought in line with the most recent determinations of the A.O.U. Committee on Nomenclature for a thoroughly up-to-date presentation. In his introduction, Richard ffrench offers a full treatment of the history of ornithology in Trinidad and Tobago and sets the scene by describing the islands' physiography, climate, and vegetation. Individual species accounts, arranged by family, make up the core of this identification guide. The accounts cover habitat and status, range and subspecies, field description and basic measurements, voice, food, nesting, and behaviour. Richard ffrench's summary of the distribution of species and their breeding and migration, as well as local conservation and protection measures, makes this volume much more than a typical field-guide treatment, and invites visitors to this premier ecotourism destination.

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