An illustrated guide to cockroaches.

Stock ID 32933 An illustrated guide to cockroaches. Ekaterina Smirnova.
An illustrated guide to cockroaches.

New York: Mark Batty Publisher, 2011. Octavo, laminated boards, colour illustrations.

This is a fun, illustrated introduction to the omnipresent cockroach. The worlds city dwellers, especially in places like Manhattan, grow accustomed to having several hundred uninvited house guests in their homes at all times: cockroaches. Slinking in the shadowy hollows between walls, under sinks, and along the floorboards, the ubiquitous urban insects are loathsome to most and frightening to many. But you only fear what you don't know. Through Smirnova's illustration and explanation, the entire life-cycle of the typical cockroach is laid bare.

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Stock ID: 32933

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