Treasures of the Natural History Museum.

Treasures of the Natural History Museum. Vicky Paterson.
Treasures of the Natural History Museum.

London: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 2008. Quarto, colour photographs.

The Natural History Museum, London is home to one of the world's most important and comprehensive collections of natural history specimens, literature and artworks. This book is a celebration of over 200 of the Museum's most treasured possessions - selected both from objects on display and those stored behind the scenes - including world-famous specimens and little known curiosities. Among the many exceptional natural wonders featured are: Darwin's celebrated finch specimens; a lethal claw from the dinosaur Baryonyx; and, one of the greatest scientific frauds of all time the Piltdown cricket bat fossil. This book also reveals the magnificent Museum building itself with its many architectural treasures. With intriguing stories behind each entry, such as the tragic tale of Heron-Allen's cursed amethyst, "Treasures of the Natural History Museum" is a fascinating insight into the best of the Museum's unrivalled collection.

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