Sharks and rays of Australia.

Sharks and rays of Australia. Peter R. Last, John D. Stevens.
Sharks and rays of Australia.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing, (2009. second edition). Quarto, dustwrapper, colour illustrations by Lindsay Marshall, text illustrations, maps.

WAS $120. The second edition of this classic book on the cartilaginous fishes in Australia. This edition covers 323 species of sharks, rays and chimaerids, including species descriptions, full-colour illustrations, line illustrations and distribution maps. Includes 24 new species accounts, and updates more than 100 species which have now been formally named in publications. This edition presents the major changes to the systematics of some groups, such as the dogfishes and skates, and includes updated family keys, upgraded species distributional information and maps, extensively revised text descriptions, reflecting additional fisheries and biological information, revised introductory chapters reflecting the contemporary status of chondrichthyan information and an updated reference section.

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