Identifying birds by colour.

Identifying birds by colour. Moss Taylor, Norman Arlott.

London: Harper Collins, 2008. Octavo, paperback, colour illustrations.

A unique spotter's guide for the first-time birdwatcher. It is not always easy for the amateur birdwatcher to correctly identify a bird from the glimpse that is seen as it flies past, but you do notice and remember the bird's colour. And that is where this book comes in. Using a completely new and innovative identification method, this guide will help you to identify over 300 species of bird (British), simply by the colours that appear in its plumage. Species are grouped into plates according to their common colours. Each species entry also has: Notes and cross-references to detailed field information that will further help you to make an accurate identification; a handy guide to show you the likelihood of spotting each species; size comparison to familiar species; information on when you are most likely to see each species and the habitat in which it occurs. Written and beautifully illustrated by world-renowned bird artist, Norman Arlott, this is a unique spotter's guide for the first-time birdwatcher.

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