Bowerbirds: nature, art and history.

Bowerbirds: nature, art and history. Clifford B. Frith, Dawn W. Frith.

Malanda: Frith and Frith, [2008]. Quarto, photographs, fine copy in dustwrapper.

WAS $80. Bowerbirds are fascinating because of their unusual behaviour involving building complex structures, called bowers. Some bowers are like miniature buildings and are artistically decorated with flowers, fruits, bones, shells, feathers and much more, including numerous human artefacts. Birds even paint their bowers, some applying pigment to bower walls by the use of a tool. Males vigorously compete by destroying each other's bowers and by stealing bower decorations from one another. All this is performed to attract, court, and mate females at bowers.

The authors have studied bowerbirds and their habitats for over 30 years. In this beautifully illustrated book, they examine aspects of bowerbird natural and cultural history. The book includes detailed information on bower construction and other aspects of bowerbird behaviour as well as historical information on bowerbird discovery.

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