Great whales.

Stock ID 26824 Great whales. John Bannister.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing, 2008. Octavo, paperback, photographs, text illustrations.

WAS $40. John Bannister is a leading expert on the large whales of southern waters and has published on Sperm, Humpbacked and right whales. Seven 'great whales' are found in Australian coastal waters including six of the large baleen whales (Blue whale, Fin whale, Humpback whale, Sei whale, Bryde's whale and Southern right whale) and the largest toothed whale (Sperm whale). This book provides a detailed account of these giant mammals and a history of human association including whaling, and whale watching. It describes their highly specialised biology, and their past and current status, in the Australian context. Australian Natural History Series.

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