Stock ID 13673 Thrushes. Peter Clement, Ren Hathway.

London: Christopher Helm/A & C Black, (2001. reprint). Octavo, 60 colour plates, maps, text illustrations, fine copy in dustwrapper.

A Helm Identification Guide. All species of Turdidae are described and illustrated in full colour including adults, immatures and most of the distinctive races. It is a comprehensive treatment of the world's 162 species of true thrush and includes many of the most familiar garden species as well as some of the rarest, most elusive and least known of all birds.

Following the style of other Helm guides, Thrushes contains detailed information on identification and distribution, with a full description of each species, including reference to all recognised races, and emphasis being given to vocalisations, often of key importance in determining speciation. Other sections deal with habitat and range, movements (many species are long-distance migrants), and breeding behaviour. For the first time, all species in the family Turdidae are illustrated in full colour, with supplementary line drawings depicting particular aspects of shape or plumage. The 60 colour plates comprise approximately 540 images, covering all but one, long-extinct, species, illustrating adults, immatures, and most of the distinctive races. The plates are accompanied by colour maps showing the breeding and wintering range for each species.

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