New World blackbirds: the Icterids.

New World blackbirds: the Icterids. Alavaro Jaramillo, Peter Burke.
New World blackbirds: the Icterids.

London: Helm, 1999. Octavo, 39 colour plates, fine copy in dustwrapper.

New World Blackbirds is a comprehensive guide to the 103 members of the family Icteridae, also known as the icterids or troupials. A diverse family, the icterids range throughout the Americas, from Alaska to Cape Horn, and including the Caribbean. Despite the name 'blackbird', many of the species are highly coloured, and the group includes some of the most intensively studied birds in the world, as well as poorly known and endangered Neotropical species. Two species were described as recently as the 1960s and 1970s.
The 39 highly detailed plates depict all the species, and many subspecies and age types never illustrated before. There are over 100 colour range maps as well as blackand-white illustrations to aid identification. The extensive text summarizes the identification and natural history of each species, giving details on the behaviour, nesting, geographic variation, distribution, vocalizations, and in-depth plumage descriptions for all age types.

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