How do I use the search options on your website?

Search Stock Bar

Searching is easy! There is a search bar on every page of the website. Simply type in a title, author, keyword, stock ID or ISBN and click on Find Stock. You can also use this search bar to search by multiple terms - just place a comma between each term. For example:

Australia, bird, field guide

Advanced Search

For more detailed searching, use Advanced Search. This search is designed to assist the searcher to find specific titles using title, author, ISBN or stock ID or to create a view of books of specific interest using multiple keywords. A multiple keyword search will provide a relatively small number of titles from which to consider. There is no need to use all fields - just enter details into as many or as few fields as you require and then click Find Stock.

Refine your search

Once a view of books has been created using either the "search stock" bar or "advanced search" it is easy to further refine the search. A Refine Search bar will appear at the top of your search results. Simply type another search term into this field and click on Find Stock. This latest search is performed only on the previous search results. This search can be repeated. For example:

  1. Type "Bird" into the Search Stock bar.
  2. The search returns 3548 records - too many to browse through!
  3. Type Australia into the Refine Search bar which reduces the results to 563 records.
  4. Type "field guide" into the Refine Search bar which reduces the results to 44 records.
  5. Browsing through stock records is now much easier.

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