Information for publishers with Natural History titles

To enable us to promote and sell more of your titles we encourage publishers with natural history titles to send us the details of in-print titles in electronic format. These titles will then appear on our website, in printed new book catalogues and in our regular email distribution lists.

The data we require, where available, is ISBN, Author, title, description, price, Weight, Format, etc. Please include any other fields that you have and we can discard those we do not use in our system.

The format we require is any of the following:

1 - Standard delimited text files, each field separated by a specific character and each record on a single line (ie followed by CRLF).

2 - Excel spreadsheet, each record in a single row, each field in a separate column

3 - Word document where information is in tables, each field in a column, each record in a separate row.

4 - Any Industry standard database format, such as dBase, MSAccess, MSSql

You are welcome to send us your electronic data attached to an email to:

Or you can send the data to us on a readable CD to:

Andrew Isles Natural History Books
12-14 Glass Place (Rear of 115 Greville Street),
Prahran 3181 Melbourne

Please contact us by email if you require further information.