Lovebirds and related parrots.

Stock ID 688 Lovebirds and related parrots. George A. Smith.
Lovebirds and related parrots.

Melbourne: Inkata Press, 1979. Octavo, colour photographs, fine copy in dustwrapper.

One of the best aviculture books ever written, do not be fooled by the title. George Smith (1932-2006), eccentric and talented, was an English vet who made good scientific use of aviculture. He published a landmark paper in 'The Ibis' on parrot taxonomy and made many original observations on parrots over his long career. His prose ranks with the Reverend Farrer, the other great avicultural writer, whose two books, 'Birdroom and aviary' and 'Through a Birdroom window' are a must for any decent cage bird collection.

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