Underground lovers: encounters with fungi.

Stock ID 44254 Underground lovers: encounters with fungi. Alison Pouliot.
Underground lovers: encounters with fungi.

Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, .

An in-depth natural history of Australian fungi, and many around the world, that will be a perfect first foray into the world of fungi, a fresh perspective for readers of Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life, or ideal for mushroom foragers who want to know more about the mushrooms they’re looking for
• Looks at the use of fungi in environmental conservation and restoration — including the fungi that appear after bushfires to restore the soil quality to allow other species to return
• Will introduce species of mushroom you see in everyday life (as well as some rare beauties!) including all kinds of milkcap, bolete, lichen, truffle, puffball morel, chanterelle and more
• Alison Pouliot is well-known as co-author of the popular book Wild Mushrooming, and will support the book with a full publicity tour and series of foraging workshops in Autumn 2023.

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