ABG. The Australian Bird Guide.

ABG. The Australian Bird Guide. Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke.
ABG. The Australian Bird Guide.

Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, (2019. revised edition). Octavo, paperback, flexibound, colour illustrations by Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack and Kim Franklin, maps.

This revision has a much improved index, with updated maps, artwork and species accounts.

The new CSIRO Publishing Australian Bird Guide (ABG) has been ten years in the making. With all Australian endemics and non-endemics, described and illustrated in all plumage states, this guide will be the standard reference on Australian birds for generations.

ABG contains over 4700 detailed paintings illustrating species variations including male, female and juvenile features. 927 species are described: 658 native breeding species, 89 non-breeding visitors, 154 vagrants and 26 introduced species with persisting wild populations. Using the latest taxonomy, ABG covers all species and distinctive subspecies recorded in Australia and its external territories. Each species is also given an "encounter score" that indicates how likely it is to be seen. Key identification points are labelled on the artwork to aid quick and easy identification. The publication of ABG marks the most up-to-date and comprehensive field guide of Australian birds available. Indexed by common and scientific name.

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