Birds of South-east Asia.

Birds of South-east Asia. Craig Robson.
Birds of South-east Asia.

London: Bloomsbury Books, (2019. second edition). Octavo, paperback, colour illustrations.

This classic field guide is the definitive volume on South-east Asia's birdlife. This award-winning book, which was first published in 2000, was fully updated in 2008 to include 76 new species for the region that were recent new discoveries for science, taxonomic 'splits' or had been recorded there for the first time. This comprehensive field guide covers all of the 1,327 species recorded in the region and each has been fully illustrated. Updated in 2008, this edition has many new artworks and 16 more colour plates than the original guide, and the text has been meticulously updated to take in all the most recent information. The vast diversity of South-East Asian birdlife attracts increasing numbers of birdwatchers each year. Covering Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, this unique and indispensable guide covers in detail the identification, voice, breeding, status, habitat and distribution of all the species and distinctive subspecies of the region. It also covers a wide range of species found in the Indian subcontinent, China, Taiwan, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo and the Philippines. See also concise edition [stock id 38151].

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