Our primate family: stories of conservation and kin.

Stock ID 38145 Our primate family: stories of conservation and kin. Lou Grossfeldt, David Blissett.
Our primate family: stories of conservation and kin.

Melbourne: Melbourne Books, 2015. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

In this book Lou Grossfeldt writes about her love of and work with primates. One of Australia's leading experts on primate husbandry and care,
Lou has spent more than two decades working to help save our primate family from extinction, and today she supervises the African primate division at Taronga Zoo. In this book, Lou shares her remarkable stories that take place around the globe from the stunning rainforests of Borneo and Vietnam, to the vanishing wilderness of Madagascar and Uganda, then to one of the world's most iconic zoos. You'll read about the refugees of the forest and meet some notable members of the family: mighty Kibabu, lover of lettuce and waterfowl; Sonny, Sydney's own snow monkey; Willow, shy, beautiful, and with a fire-fighting fixation; and Lubutu, the wisest, most judicious of them all. Lou offers insight into the plight facing primates in the wild. They are a group of animals more like us than any other. They are beautiful, enigmatic, often misunderstood. They are our biological family, and many of them are in trouble. Lou shares some practical advice each of us can follow to help make a tangible difference to the survival of these amazing animals.

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