Introduction to ecological sampling.

Introduction to ecological sampling. Bryan F. J. Manly, Jorge A. Navarro Alberto.

New York: Taylor and Francis, 2014. Hardback, diagrams.

An Easy-to-Understand Treatment of Ecological Sampling Methods and Data Analysis Including only the necessary mathematical derivations, Introduction to Ecological Sampling shows how to use sampling procedures for ecological and environmental studies. It incorporates both traditional sampling methods and recent developments in environmental and ecological sampling methods. After an introduction, the book presents standard sampling methods and analyses. Subsequent chapters delve into specialized topics written by well-known researchers. These chapters cover adaptive sampling methods, line transect sampling, removal and change-in-ratio methods, plotless sampling, mark-recapture sampling of closed and open populations, occupancy models, sampling designs for environmental modeling, and trend analysis. The book explains the methods as simply as possible, keeping equations and their derivations to a minimum. It provides references to important, more advanced sampling methods and analyses. It also directs readers to computer programs that can be used to perform the analyses. Accessible to biologists, the text only assumes a basic knowledge of statistical methods.
It is suitable for an introductory course on methods for collecting and analyzing ecological and environmental data.

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