Orchids in South Africa: a gardener's guide.

Orchids in South Africa: a gardener's guide. Hendrik Venter.
Orchids in South Africa: a gardener's guide.

Pretoria: Briza Books, 2014. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs and illustrations.

This handy guide shows new and existing growers how to care for their orchid plants. Learn how to treat, water and feed your orchids, how much shade or light they need, and how you need to grow, maintain and propagate them to prosper and flower regularly. Many species are discussed in detail, and the accompanying photographs of the species and a selection of popular hybrids will help you identify the different kinds, and also show you what other species you may be able to grow in the conditions you are able to provide. Also contains chapters on Orchids and their history; Basic botanical information on orchids; General growing information, and Repotting and dividing of orchids. Growing orchids is a fascinating and satisfying hobby.

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