In predatory light: lions and tigers and Polar bears.

Stock ID 36266 In predatory light: lions and tigers and Polar bears. Cyril Christo, Marie Wilkinson.
In predatory light: lions and tigers and Polar bears.

London: Merrell Publishers, 2013. Folio, black and white photographs, very good copy in dustwrapper.

Stunning duotone images of some of world's most fearsome predators - lions, tigers and polar bears, with engaging texts by anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, naturalist Sy Montgomery and film-maker John Houston. This beautiful book will appeal to all fans of wildlife photography.
The regal lion, the magnificent tiger and the mighty Polar bear are among the largest carnivores and most formidable predators on Earth. They live in diverse parts of the planet, but, threatened by the loss of their habitats, they share an uncertain future. This book is a superb tribute to the striking beauty of this trio of mammals. Dramatic duotone images by Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson capture the animals roaming their natural environments, revealing not only their awesome power but also their vulnerability. The images are accompanied by the photographers' reminiscences of their expeditions to Africa, Asia and the Arctic, and by heartfelt responses by three nature writers to the plight of these majestic mammals. Simultaneously thought-provoking and captivating, this book is the perfect book for anyone concerned about the conservation of endangered species.

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