Corals of Florida and the Caribbean.

Stock ID 34963 Corals of Florida and the Caribbean. George F. Warner.
Corals of Florida and the Caribbean.

Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2012. Octavo, colour photographs, softcover.

The coral reefs of Florida and the Caribbean, known for their stunning beauty and biodiversity, are part playground and part research lab for the thousands of tourists, divers, and marine scientists who visit them each year. Documenting the wide array of corals that live in the warm waters of the Caribbean, this is an easy-to-use guidebook that is both scientific and reader friendly. Containing over 150 colour photographs, this book also outlines the biology of corals, from the way they grow to their reproductive habits, while warning of major threats to the reefs, such as hurricanes, pollution, and global warming.

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Stock ID: 34963

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