Game changer: animal rights and the fate of Africa's wildlife.

Game changer: animal rights and the fate of Africa's wildlife. Glen Martin.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012. Octavo, dustwrapper, black and white photographs, maps.

Award-winning environmental reporter Glen Martin explores the differences between conservation and animal protection and takes a fresh look at the current situation of Africa's megafauna. Martin assesses the rising influence of the animal rights movement and finds that the policies championed by animal welfare groups could lead paradoxically to the elimination of the very species they aim to protect. In his anecdotal and highly engaging style, Martin takes readers to the heart of the conflict. He revisits the debate between conservationists, who believe that people whose lives are directly impacted by the creation of national parks and preserves should be compensated, versus those who believe that restrictive protection that forbids hunting is the most effective way to conserve wildlife and habitats. Focusing on the different approaches taken by Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia, Martin vividly shows how the world's last great populations of wildlife have become the hostages in a fight between those who love animals and those who would save them.

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