Alpines: from mountain to garden.

Alpines: from mountain to garden. Richard Wilford.
Alpines: from mountain to garden.

Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 2010. Quarto, colour illustrations, colour photographs, maps, laminated boards.

A refreshing new perspective on the many stunning plant species that make their home above the treeline. Where most guides to alpine plants have favored collecting and rare species, Richard Wilford offers a holistic approach that describes their discovery and introduction into cultivation and why these factors must be taken in to consideration when planting these mountain dwellers in your garden. Organized geographically, this book covers the conditions - drainage, climate, light levels, temperature, and precipitation - and species native to each of nine regions, including the United States and Canada, South America, China, Europe, and Africa. In all, over three hundred plants are described and prolifically illustrated. Additional chapters cover cultivation, conservation, and the impact of indiscriminate collecting on the many species that are now on the verge of extinction.

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