Life in the hothouse: how a living planet survives climate change.

Life in the hothouse: how a living planet survives climate change. Melanie Lenart.

Tuscon: University of Arizona Press, 2010. Octavo, paperback, BRAND NEW.

In this insightful, compelling, and highly readable work, Melanie Lenart, an award-winning journalist and science writer who holds a PhD in this book, examines global warming with the trained eye of a professional scientist. And she presents the science in a clear, straightforward manner. Why does the planet as warming produce stronger hurricanes, rising seas, and larger floods? Simple, says Lenart. The Earth is just doing what comes naturally. Just as humans produce sweat to cool off on a hot day, the planet produces hurricanes, floods, wetlands, and forests to cool itself off. This book incorporates Lenartas extensive knowledge of climate science including the latest research in climate change and the most current scientific theories, including Gaia theory, which holds that the Earth has some degree of climate control a built in. a As Lenart points out, scientists have been documenting stronger hurricanes and larger floods for many years. There is a good reason for this, she notes. Hurricanes help cool the ocean surface and clear the air of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. From the perspective of Gaia theory, these responses are helping to slow the ongoing global warming and Lenart expounds upon this in a clear and understandable fashion.
There is hope, Lenart writes. If we help Earth as natural defense systems including wetlands and forests to flourish, perhaps Mother Earth will no longer need to rely as much on the cooling effects of what we call a natural disasters. a

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