China bird report 2006.

China bird report 2006. China Ornithological Society.

Beijing: China Ornithological Society, 2007. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

China Bird Report 2006 incorporates bird records from 22 Provinces, five Autonomous Cities, 4 municipalities and one Special Administrative Region (but does not include records from Hong Kong or Taiwan), rendering it structurally comparale to the reports of the previous two years which also categorized bird records at provincial level. This year's report provides records of 1078 species (55 more than in the previous report), from 17 orders and 70 families, representing 80% of ll bird species in China as listed by Zheng (2005), including 2 species new to China and dozen of species with first records at provincial level. Records of species of conservation concern are highlighted in view of the importance of such data to inform international efforts aimed at protecting bird species, for instance in assessing species conservation status and identifying important bird areas.

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