Birds and people: bonds in a timeless journey.

Stock ID 27245 Birds and people: bonds in a timeless journey. Nigel J. Collar.

Mexico City: BirdLife International, 2007. Large quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

A portfolio drawn from the world's greatest bird photographers drives the message of this book home. The book is split into five chapters looking at all aspects of human's relationship with birds.

The first looks the place birds occupy in our culture - both ancient and modern and the second looks at the influence of birds in art. Then there is the use of birds for food, feathers and fertilisers; leading onto to the many ways we benefit from birds. Pest control, pollination and the growth of bird tourism - enabling some of the world's poorest countries to benefit from their rich and diverse avifauna. The final chapter explores what we can learn from studying bird behaviour; their changing habits, such as shifting their ranges closer to the poles are tangible evidence of climate change.

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