Whales: touching the mystery.

Whales: touching the mystery. Doug Thompson.

Troutdale: NewSage Press, 2006. Octavo, paperback, maps.

Ever since his first contact with a Gray whale as a teenager, Doug Thompson has had a passion for this majestic marine mammal. Here, he shares stories of whales he has met over his 30-year career, in particular the "friendly" Gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, Mexico. He describes the thrill of interacting with these gentle giants who seek out human contact within their birthing lagoons. Weaving his own and others' fascinating personal accounts with factual information he describes the hidden lives of whales, their mysterious migrations, and the modern threats they face in the world's waters. He also chronicles the efforts of human champions who are working to end whale hunting and promote whale watching - a far preferable economic alternative - worldwide.

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