Garden natural history.

Stock ID 25595 Garden natural history. Stefan Buczacki.

London: Harper Collins Publishers, 2007. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

New Naturalist. A history of gardens in Britain with special reference to the evolution of different styles and the changing importance of native and exotic plant species. How does a garden differ from other habitats, both natural and semi-natural? Is it true that the modern home garden is largely a collection of hybrids between exotic species? These and other questions are answered in New Naturalist: Garden Natural History. It touches on subjects such as plant fertilising, watering, pest and disease control, pesticide usage, greenhouses, lawn mowing, digging, pruning, hedge clipping, protecting plants from wildlife, scarers and traps. It also points out the role of the gardener as a conservator and how the garden can be an inspiration for a naturalist.

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