Heron conservation.

Stock ID 13792 Heron conservation. James A. Kushlan, Heinz Hafner.
Heron conservation.

San Diego: Academic Press, 2000. Octavo, laminated boards, illustrations.

A comprehensive update on status and conservation needs of herons with emphasis on wetland conservation. This book sets the worldwide agenda for conservation of the herons of the world. It gathers together all the details we know about the populations and distribution of the world's herons and, based on this, what we know about their conservation needs.
Nothing quite like this has been attempted before. Each area of the world has been analysed by leading ornithologists who have personal experience carrying out extensive fieldwork in each geographic region. They have evaluated the status of the heron species of their regional fauna and identified the major conservation challenges they face. Specialists in the predominant conservation issues have brought their experiences and a variably complete literature to bear on both identifying challenges and encouraging approaches to conservation of the world's herons.

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