A general history of the quadrupeds [facsimile].

A general history of the quadrupeds [facsimile]. Thomas Bewick.

Leicester: Windward, (1980. reprint). Octavo, illustrations, owner's signature, very good in dustwrapper.

First published in 1790. "Such animals as I knew, I drew from memory on the wood; others which I did not know were copied from 'Dr Smellie's Abridgement of Buffon,' and other naturalists, and also from the animals which were from time to time exhibited in itinerant collections. Of these last, I made sketches first from memory, then corrected and finished the drawings upon the wood from a second examination of the different animals." (from Weekley Montague. A memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself. London: Cresset Press, 1961. P. 120).

Anderton and Gibson 31; Freeman 305; Nissen ZBI 351; Wood p. 236 (lists third edition only). See also Anderton, Basil and W. H. Gibson. Catalogue of the Bewick collection (Pease bequest). Newcastle-upon-Tyne, (1904).

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