The Australian Herpetological Society

Promoting the study and keeping of herpetofauna.


The Australian Mammal Society

The Australian Mammal Society (AMS) is an interdisciplinary society of biologists whose common interest is in the biology and conservation of Australian mammals. Research by members of the Society spans a wide variety of biological disciplines including behavioural and community ecology, population genetics, management and conservation. The goal of the Society is to contribute to the greater understanding of the Australasian mammalian fauna.

Avicultural Society of Australia

The Avicultural Society of Australia supports its members in the breeding and conservation of aviary held birds. It has nearly 2000 members throughout Australia and overseas. Monthly meetings are held in Melbourne and at various country branches within the state of Victoria.


The Marsupial Society of Australia

The Marsupial Society of Australia Inc. is a small organisation, based in Adelaide, South Australia, dedicated to providing information and education regarding keeping and breeding our native Fauna in captivity. Although the Society does not rescue individual animals, it provides support and guidance to those who do. The Society publish a monthly Journal/Newsletter.


Australian Society For Limnology (ASL)

The Australian Society For Limnology (ASL) is an scientific society whose focus is the study and management of inland waters. Members have a strong professional interest in inland aquatic issues, in the maintenance of biodiversity, the maintenance and/or restoration of water quality, and the wise use of aquatic resources. The Society also has a strong interest in fostering the scientific and intellectual development of tertiary students.


Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping

The ASZK is primarily a professional organisation which seeks to promote the exchange of information on all aspects of wild animal husbandry, and in so doing add to the conservation of rare and endangered species. The Society achieves these objectives through the production of journals, newsletters and through a series of workshops and conferences which are held throughout the Australasian region. 


Biology Society of South Australia

The primary aim of the Biology Society of South Australia is to develop and maintain contact between people with an interest in field biology and the conservation and management of natural resources in South Australia. Membership includes professional biologists, past graduates, postgraduates and undergraduate students, as well as interested members of the general public.


BirdLife Australia

Since 1901, BirdLife Australia (formerly the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union and Birds Australia) has been bringing together people who care about birds. More than just a research organisation, BA is a passionate advocate for the protection of our birds and the habitats on which they depend.


Nudibranchs of the Sunshine Coast Australia

This website is designed to LOCATE, RECORD, IDENTIFY and POST every species of OPISTHOBRANCH to be found on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.


Queensland Finch Society

The club strongly promotes proper hygienic keeping and scientific feeding & breeding of birds in the best and most natural conditions as possible. Since its early days of producing a simple photocopied flyer called the "Finch News" the members of the club now enjoy a fully printed monthly magazine.


Society of Frogs and Reptiles

The society is a group of Amphibian and Reptile enthusiasts. They also run a Frog and Reptile rescue service endorsed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Stanthorpe Field Naturalists Inc.

The club conducts a regular program of monthly outings from February to November. As well as providing for interesting and enjoyable recreational activities, these outings are used to record the flora and fauna of the areas we visit and this information is published in our monthly newsletter. The walks are open to the public as well as members.

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