New Caledonian mangroves: a treasure to protect.

Stock ID 44469 New Caledonian mangroves: a treasure to protect. Norman C. Duke, Sabrina Virly, Dieter Tracey.

Currumbin: MangroveWatch Publications, 2023. Octavo, oblong format, paperback, colour photographs.

This authoritative book has the following features:
210 beautifully illustrated pages, along with a water-proof identification key for field use.
Comprehensive illustrations and descriptions of all 25 mangrove plants found in New Caledonia.
Illustrated keys for easy identification, plus distribution maps.
More than 500 colour photographs and informative diagrams displaying the biota and the threats faced by this unique marine coastal ecosystem.
Descriptions of the 5 key regional areas of New Caledonia, and the notable influences of climate and geography on mangrove distributions.
Accounts of community, institutional and traditional owner management strategies to preserve this beneficial habitat.
Useful comparative references to mangroves in Australia and the south western Pacific region.

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Stock ID: 44469


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