Native eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania, south-eastern Australia.

Stock ID 44229 Native eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania, south-eastern Australia. Dean Nicolle.

Adelaide: Author, 2022. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs and illustrations, maps.

This is a comprehensive treatment of every eucalypt species and subspecies occurring in these two states of south-eastern Australia (145 species in all). The book provides a wealth of information regarding their identification, distribution, ecology and uses.

For each of the 145 eucalypts, a double-page provides the following information:

- images of the whole plant, bark, flowers and fruits
- detailed map of its distribution in south-eastern Australia
- meaning and origin of the name
- origin naming and type information
- key features
- distribution and habitat
- cultivation and uses
- notes on how to identify the species, interesting populations and outstanding individual trees
- seedling painting by Ian Roberts
- detailed botanical description

Additionally, a quick reference guide to flowering times is included.

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Stock ID: 44229

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