Shark attacks: myths, misunderstandings and human fear.

Shark attacks: myths, misunderstandings and human fear. Blake Chapman.

Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 2017. Octavo, paperback,

Humans spend more time in or on the water than ever before; we love the beach. But for many people, getting in the water provokes a moment's hesitation. Shark attacks are big news events and although the risk of shark attack on humans is incredibly low, the fact remains that human lives are lost to sharks every year. Shark Attacks explores the tension between risk and human fear, and the need to conserve sharks and protect the important ecological roles they play in our marine environments. Marine biologist Blake Chapman presents scientific information about shark biology, movement patterns, and feeding behaviour. She also discusses the role of fear in the way we think about sharks and the influence of the media on public perceptions. Moving first-hand accounts describe the deep and polarising psychological impacts of shark attacks from a range of perspectives.

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