Where to watch birds in Morocco.

Where to watch birds in Morocco. Patrick Bergier, Fedora Bergier.
Where to watch birds in Morocco.

Exeter: Pelagic Publishing, (2017. second edition). Octavo, paperback, black and white illustrations, maps.

Morocco's proximity and the variety of its habitats and bird species make it a favoured destination for birders. It is home to rare and endangered species such as Bald ibis, Dark chanting goshawk, Tawny eagle, Eleonora's falcon and African marsh owl. 454 species have been recorded, of which 209 breed in the country. As this statistic implies, millions of West European migrants pass seasonally through Morocco. Several wetlands spread along the Atlantic coast are famous for their migrant and wintering waders and gulls. The Atlas ranges are notable for their avifauna and desert species, including larks, wheatears and sandgrouses are found in the Saharan rim. This authoritative book describes over 50 birdwatching sites across Morocco. This book is not a field guide to species, rather it is a guide to the sites of key ornithological importance in Morocco. It contains information and detailed maps to enable you to plan a visit and provide guidance when you are on your trip. In addition, the book provides an overview of travel in Morocco, information about climate and habitats, when to go, and a full checklist of species.

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