Living mollusks.

Living mollusks. Charles E. Rawlings.
Living mollusks.

Sarasota: The Peppertree Press, 2015. Quarto, oblong format, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

In his internationally acclaimed, award-winning book, Living shells, Dr Rawlings introduced his readers to the amazing world of living seashells. In Living Mollusks, Dr. Rawlings, once again, propels the reader into the fascinating world of the living seashell and even beyond. Everyone knows what a mollusk is, what a seashell is...or do they? Most people know mollusks either as some slimy, slug-like creature, or as a menu delicacy such as clams or oysters. Most people know what a seashell is based upon their experience as a child collecting shells on the beach. These shells, however, are but pale remnants, ghostly reminders of the grandeur that the living animals possess. In fact, some of the most beautiful, most fascinating mollusks, leave no shell, no trace, no remnant of their existence to be found by an early-morning beachcomber. They are ethereal creatures, they leave no trace of their lives for us.

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