Amphibians of Costa Rica: a field guide.

Amphibians of Costa Rica: a field guide. Twan Leenders.
Amphibians of Costa Rica: a field guide.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2016. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, text illustrations, maps.

The first comprehensive field guide to all 207 species of amphibians known to occur in Costa Rica or within walking distance of its borders. A diminutive nation with abundant natural wealth, the country is host to 146 species of frogs and toads, as well as 53 species of lungless salamanders, whose unique adaptations and abilities have allowed them to colonize habitats inaccessible to other amphibians. In addition to the spectacularly diverse salamanders, frogs, and toads found in the country, this guide includes the caecilians -bizarre and highly specialized creatures that somewhat resemble giant worms. Author, photographer, and conservation biologist Twan Leenders has been studying the herpetofauna of Central America for more than twenty years. Leenders and his team of researchers have traipsed the rainforests, dry forests, and swamps of Costa Rica-toting portable photo studios-to put together the richest collection of photographs of Costa Rican herpetofauna known to exist. In addition to hundreds of photographs, range maps, morphological illustrations, and precise descriptions of key field characteristics, this book offers a wealth of natural history information, describing prey and predators, breeding strategies, habitat, and conservation status.

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