Carnivorous plants of Britain and Ireland.

Carnivorous plants of Britain and Ireland. Tim Bailey, Stewart McPherson.
Carnivorous plants of Britain and Ireland.

Peterborough: Redfern Natural History Productions, 2016. Octavo, paperback, limp plastic, colour photographs, line drawings, maps.

This fully illustrated guide to the carnivorous plants of Britain and Ireland features over 200 images and documents all recognised native species and their hybrids, as well as the non-native species that have become naturalised to form self-sustaining populations on these shores.

An overview of each group of native carnivorous plant is provided, with line drawings and selected photographs to document their particular characteristics. Each species or hybrid thereof is subsequently addressed within its own entry that includes a variety of illustrations of the plant, a detailed description, range map, habitat photos, and, where relevant, notes of interest about the plant within the context of Britain and Ireland. The history of carnivorous plants, a story that involves none other than Charles Darwin himself, as well as their evolution, is discussed in detail. Finally, some of the issues facing carnivorous plants on these shores is discussed, followed by a selection listing a broad selection of resources, including carnivorous plant nurseries and horticultural groups, that are bound to be of interest to those who wish to see them in the field, or cultivate them in their own homes.

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