Wild soundscapes: discovering the voice of the natural world.

Wild soundscapes: discovering the voice of the natural world. Bernie Krause, Roger Payne.

New Haven: Yale University Press, (2016. revised edition). Octavo, paperback, black and white photographs, illustrations.

Through his organization Wild Sanctuary, Bernie Krause has traveled the globe to hear and record the sounds of diverse natural habitats. Wild Soundscapes, first published in 2002, inspires readers to follow in Krause's footsteps and listen to the world anew. The book enchantingly shows how to find creature symphonies (or, as Krause calls them, "biophonies"); use simple microphones to hear more; and record, mix, and create new expressions with the gathered sounds. After reading this book, readers will feel compelled to investigate a wide range of habitats and animal sounds, from the conversations of birds and howling sand dunes to singing anthills. This rewritten and updated edition explains the newest technological advances and research, encouraging readers to understand the earth's soundscapes in ways previously unimaginable. With links to the sounds that are discussed in the text, this accessible and engaging guide to natural soundscapes will captivate amateur naturalists, field recordists, musicians, and anyone else who wants to fully appreciate the sounds of our natural world. Also available in hardcover [stock id 38168].

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