A history of life in 100 fossils.

A history of life in 100 fossils. Paul D. Taylor, Aaron O'Dea.
A history of life in 100 fossils.

Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, 2015. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

In this book the epic story of life on Earth is retold through some of the most significant fossils ever found. The book travels through 3.5 billion years of Earth's history and across all seven continents, showcasing the unusual and wonderful creatures that have played an important role in our evolutionary past. Ancient Australian microbes reveal the very first signs of life on Earth, tiny Triassic snails demonstrate the effects of past mass extinctions, and the remains of our own ancestors tell us where we came from. Epic tales of survival and migration, evolution and destruction are hidden in the buried remains of animals and plants that lived long ago. This book brings together remarkable fossil discoveries to illustrate how life on Earth evolved. Palaeontologists Paul D. Taylor and Aaron O'Dea explain the importance of each fossil and tell the engaging stories of the sharp-eyed and sharp-witted people who discovered them.
Discover Cambrian worms from China that provide a window on early animal life in the sea, ancient insects encapsulated by amber, the first fossil bird Archaeopteryx and the last ancestor of humankind. The fossils have been selected from the renowned collections of the two premier natural history museums in the world, London's Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Each fossil is beautifully illustrated with photographs to bring this unique story to life.

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