Fossils: the key to the past.

Fossils: the key to the past. Richard Fortey.
Fossils: the key to the past.

London: Natural History Museum, (2015. revised edition). Octavo, colour photographs, illustrations, maps, softcover.

In his accessible introduction to the study and meaning of fossils, the world-renowned palaeontologist Richard Fortey provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fossils and their use in reconstructing the history of life on Earth. Extensively illustrated in full colour throughout, this edition includes the most recent advances in our understanding of the fossil record and the significance of new fossil finds. Fortey clearly explains what fossils are, how they form, how to identify them, and how they help us to understand Earth's geological past and the emergence of life. Drawing on all the latest research, including recent developments in molecular paleontology, he discusses evolution and extinction, the economic uses of fossil-derived products such as oil and coal, and offers practical advice for making a fossil collection. Fossils will appeal to everyone who shares an interest in the history of life on our planet.

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