Biology of Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Biology of Vanda Miss Joaquim. Hew Choy Sin.
Biology of Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Singapore: Singapore University Press, 2002. Octavo, paperback, photographs, illustrations, maps.

This is the ultimate book on Singapore's national flower. Created as a hybrid in Singapore, by the woman horticulturalist whose name it bears, it was first formally described in 1893 by "Mad" Ridley, of Singapore's Botanic Gardens. Fifty years later it was one of the most famous orchids in the world, grown from Hawai'i to Barbados. Its popularity faltered in the 1950s, but in the 1980s it was selected as a symbol of Singapore. Its role in Singapore's national and horticultural life seems unlikely to diminish. This book is a repository of the relevant scientific, horticultural, and historical knowledge on Singapore's national flower.

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