Creatures of the night.

Creatures of the night. Joe McDonald, Mary Ann McDonald.
Creatures of the night.

Chatswood: New Holland Publishers, 2015. Octavo, laminated boards, colour photographs.

The world of nocturnal wildlife is seldom observed, even by the keenest of nature enthusiasts. This unique book offers a window into the lives of little-known and little-studied creatures and their remarkable behaviour, and the adaptations which they have developed in order live during the hours of darkness. Nocturnal creatures from around the world are covered by the series of stunning images, and these include flying squirrels, sugar gliders, skunks, foxes, cats (including Ocelot and Jaguar), raccoons, owls, bushbabies, genets, bats, frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, geckos, spiders and a variety of insects. Extended captions explain interesting facts about the creatures and behaviours shown, and also give advice on nocturnal wildlife photography. The book concludes with a separate chapter of more detailed tips for successful night photography. Over many decades the photographers have specialised in dramatic action sequences, often involving high-speed flash, and their remarkable results are what makes this book truly special. Whether it is a bat on the wing taking a drink of water from a lake, a flying squirrel airborne between trees or a leopard on a nocturnal prowl in search of prey, every page of this title has something special to offer.

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