Historical snakeys.

Historical snakeys. John Cann.
Historical snakeys.

Rodeo: ECO Publishing, 2014. Quarto, paperback, colour and black and white photographs, illustrations, maps.

This fully illustrated book explores the astonishing stories of Australia's reptile showmen, known as ‘snakeys’, from days gone by. Author John Cann, whose family played a vital role in snake collection, education and training throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, brings every character to life with his brilliant storytelling. Filled with images and newspaper clippings depicting the life and times of over 40 well-known characters in the snake world, including Fred Fox, the Cann clan, Bill Hosmer, Ram Chandra, Joe Bredl, Eric Worrell, Charles Tanner, Graeme Gow, Ken Slater, the Miller Mob, Jim Morrissey and Malcolm Douglas.

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