Phytomedicines, herbal drugs, and poisons.

Phytomedicines, herbal drugs, and poisons. Ben-Erik Van Wyk.
Phytomedicines, herbal drugs, and poisons.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014. Octavo, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

Presents a succinct yet comprehensive overview of medicinal and poisonous plants including those used for their mind-altering effects. Details approximately 350 species from Aloe vera and Ephedra sinica to Cannabis sativa and Coffea arabica—detailing their botanical, geographical, pharmacological, and toxicological data as well as the chemical structures of the active compounds in each. Full of colour photographs, this volume provides easy reference and quick answers, and will be an invaluable reference not only for those in the health care field but also for those growing their own medicinal herb gardens, as well as anyone who needs a quick answer to whether a plant is a panacea or a poison.

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